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Popular!America x Reader: Your Popularity [Part 5]

"Look guys, I'm sorry, but I don't wanna hangout with you guys anymore." Alfred told his friends bluntly. "I normally sucked in deciding to join you guys and leaving my friend behind. Now, stop teasing her and fuck off." Alfred confronted them. Alfred's friends stared at him in awe. Who knew the bubbly American would go blunt to just confront them about his friend.

Elizabeta who watched Alfred's actions from the next table, smiled. Alfred, you had done the best decision. After saying that aloud in her head, Elizabeta resumed the conversation with her friends with a smile. Little did Elizabeta know that this gap between you and Alfred isn't over since there was something else going on between You and Arthur.


You and Arthur were enjoying the warm breeze in the school rooftop. You have to admit, this is a great place for someone to confess their love for them. You sighed, if you and Alfred we're still friends during this time, would he confess his love to you? Or would both of you just crack up jokes and stuffs. You closed your eyes trying to imagine that moment that would be happening in your dreams, somehow.

"Hey, [Name]," Arthur called out, looking down, as that simple call of your name snapped you out of your thoughts. "Shouldn't we get going? We don't want to be late for class, right?" He chuckled.

"Hahaha! Sure, Artie," you replied, chuckling. You knew Arthur hates being called that way, so it's pretty fun calling him that. He might be a guy who scolds people a lot, and a guy who often hides his feelings, but other than that, he was fun to be with. To your surprise, Arthur's face heated with embarrassment. "S-Shut Up, Asshat! And son't call me that, bloody git!"

You snickered, "Aww, Artie is all saddy waddy!" You pouted childishly.

"What a manner!" Arthur exclaimed. "That's bloody not true! And don't call me that you asshat!"

"Alright, alright!" You raised both of your hands in surrender. It was funny, Arthur somewhat acts like an overprotective boyfriend to you. Was he even going insane? Hahaha! "Arthir you act like that you're my overprotective boyfriend," you pointed out.

"Shut up!"


The next day, Alfred gave up his popularity. His friends doesn't seem to appreciate it, but it was for the better. Although, even if he gave it up, he didn't know that things won't be the same. Due to his actions he had done, the gap that brings both of you together broke. And now, there is a major distance between your lives. Alfred sighed as he walked down the school alone. He remember on how you used yo nudge him, tease him, and make him laugh. You guys would do everything together. I wonder if [Name] would forgive me along with my foolish actions. Alfred thought somewhat bitterly. There from afar, Alfred spotted you with Arthur.

"Uh, hey guys..." Alfred murmured. "By any chance that I can join you two?" He asked, looking down.

Hearing those words coming from him, you can't help but accept his way of apology. But, it doesn't stop you for acting cold towards him. He had bullied you, humiliated you, and many more for Roman Empire Sakes! You turned your attention to him and glared, "Then why did you do this to me?"

Alfred rubbed the back of his neck, chuckling nervously. "Because I don't wanna loose my popularity..."

"Use your fucking brain, Jones!" You snapped. Don't you have any fucking idea, that you had torn me apart? I fucking have to mend it all again by thinking all of those happy times I had spent with you! But no! The day you started to bully me came running back! How the fuck am I supposed to forgive you?!"

"What do you think Arthur?! She should be thankful I told her that I'm sorry, biatch!" Alfred shot back.

Arthur coughed, "Well, if you hadn't left her alone, this wouldn't happened now, love," he pointed out.

"Fine! If that's how you fucking want it to be, then let it be!" Alfred yelled angrily as he stormed off. Although, that wasn't exactly going through his mind. Why the fuck did I snapped out that way? Especially to [Name]. I'm not a hero, I'm the total opposite. Are we even still friends?


"I don't get it Arthur, I was ready to forgive Alfred, but a part of me doesn't. Now, we won't be friends," you told Arthur.

"Love, give him a little time to think. After all, that asshat teased you and me," he replied.

You sighed, "I guess you are right. After all, he had done so much damage. But for a minute there, I think he was eager to hear our reply, 'Yes'. Arthur, I don't even know anymore."

Arthur patted your shoulder, "Don't worry love. It will be over soon."
Please WATCH me. It's appreciated ! I'm sorry if it's sooo short! I'm lazy, dude!

- Disclaimer: Everything you're going to see doesn't belong to me. It belongs to some animators like Hajime Isayama (AoT), Himaruya Hidekaz (Hetalia), etc. Everything belongs to their respectful owners. Some Hetalia fictions are headcanon, and the Reader Inserts are just for the users or fellow readers to enjoy. 


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ToonPrincessZelda43 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Lol, yesterday while I was reading this, the song "somebody that I used to know" convieniently started playing in the next room.
British-Hero Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'm never going baccck, the past is in the passsstttttt~ Let it goooo, let it goooo~!

I'm sorry, i thought that was needed somewhat due to the situation! But awesome story! ^w^
vainillan Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student Writer
Lols! And thank you so much!


I like your username, though. It's so British and American-ish!
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You're putting it out on my Birthday! Best present ever!
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i mean not whooo because of the Drama~
But whoo for the awesome story :D
vainillan Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student Writer
Well, it's for the Hetalian Fandom who likes to read some xReaderInserts. 
Geek-Queen Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student General Artist
This is so beautiful I'm crying! 
darksniper101 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student Writer
Enough to make things interesting I like it
darksniper101 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student Writer
Two things one Alfred you royal screwed up and second you are the only person who posts their release dates on fan fiction I love as an author because you pace things out en
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